Rewilding the art of storytelling to create authentic learning environments

Mr Leon Cossar1

1Gregory Terrace Outdoor Education Centre

The presentation explores the following question:

What is the ancestry and purpose of storytelling and how can we share story in powerful ways to create connection to the past and hope for the future.

It is built on premise that when we own our story we become the author of our life’s narrative…

The presentation will traverse the landscapes of:

  1. Why we are hard wired to share story.
  2. The impacts of social media as storytelling platforms.
  3. How our own story’s shape our lives.
  4. How to share story both personally and metaphorically.
  5. How to create safe space for the sharing of story.
  6. The power of ancient story telling practices in a modern society.

The presentation will use evidence from Rites of Passage programmes and immersions showing the power of story telling to convey deep meaning while evoking insight, curiosity and inspiration.  Furthermore it will display the potency of story telling to create long lasting transfer of learning.

The presentation will be interactive whereby participants will get a chance to share some of their own story and refine the art of sharing story in order to create an environment that is both compelling and educational in their own personal work.


Leon Cossar is an outdoor educator, explorer and storyteller.  He works passionately with young men as a facilitator for Rites of Passage programmes where storytelling is the central component of the transformational process.  He is based in the World Heritage Scenic Rim where he works for the Gregory Terrace outdoor education centre running outdoor education programmes.  His down to earth approach to teaching and storytelling is both entertaining and educational.

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