Addressing the critique: Post Neo-Hahnism and Outdoor Education Practice

Mr David Hayward1,2, Dr Heidi Smith2

1St Patrick’s College, 2University of Tasmania

In Outdoor Education, as Hahnism gave rise to Neo-Hahnism, Neo-Hahnism has in turn given birth to Post Neo-Hahnism: a term that has emerged as a result of recent research into the student experience of outdoor learning. Through the critiques of Neo-Hahnism, Post Neo-Hahnism is seeing a move in practitioners from an anthropocentric view to an ecocentric viewpoint of teaching Outdoor Education.  This presentation asks you to envisage a metaphorical line in the sand between the Outdoor Education practices that resulted in a mountain of critiques and the changes in practice that resulted. To do this, the presentation looks at Hahanian derived Outdoor Education in terms of the re-envisioning process that has occurred in Outdoor Education practice and literature over the past two decades by examining the history and trends in the Outdoor Education critique. It will then present the driving literature behind the paradigm shift from Neo-Hahnism to Post Neo-Hahnism.  The presentation will conclude with a pragmatic argument, engaging how this metaphorical line in the sand helps the in-field practitioner reflect on their practice as we move forward through 21st Century.


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