What is dead may never die! Outdoor education to some has been dead for years. However outdoor education has a bright future in an education system that values communication skills, networking skills, relationship skills, group processing skills and leadership.

Mr Tony Keeble1

1Outdoor School DET Victoria

The purpose of this presentation is to outline two recent papers and some initial findings from a PhD research that looks at the role outdoor education has on social capital.

The issues explored include the notion that outdoor education has a bright future in mainstream education, especially when that future involves the teaching of communication skills, relationship skills, group processing skills, networking skills and leadership.

Furthermore the presentation will briefly explore recent studies looking at the outcomes of residential outdoor schools in the UK and Victoria. The studies show a marked increase in educational attainment for students who have structured and meaningful outdoor education curriculum delivered. The importance of this is that Governments can no longer ignore this information in educational policy documents.

Outdoor education is not dead, it has a new beginning!


Tony Keeble is a PhD candidate with Federation University. He is also the Principal Of Outdoor School, a Victorian department of education school. Tony’s research interest include exploring the ideas that outdoor education can be explained through a social framework lens. Tony’s PhD research looks at the role outdoor education can play in developing social capital amongst cohorts of year 9 students from communities in rural Victoria.

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