Wild Pedagogies: Touchstones for re-wilding education.

Dr Marcus Morse1

1La Trobe University

Wild Pedagogies as an idea and practice has generated considerable interest over the last few years. It has arisen out of a convergence of ideas about wilderness and the wild, education and the emerging environmental realities of our time. An aim in using the term wild is to challenge dominant cultural ideas about control—of each other, of nature, of education and of learning. This presentation rests on a premise that an important part of education can include intentional activities that provide a fertile field for purposeful experience without controlling the outcomes: hence wild pedagogies.

In this presentation I introduce key underpinnings, narratives, and practices of Wild Pedagogies and provide an example of what wild pedagogies might look like in action (in the form of a pinhole photography experience). Further, I bring together ideas of wildness, easing of control and the de-centering of humans to frame and describe six ‘touchstones’ for wild pedagogies in practice. These touchstones are intended as a practical guide for educators when thinking through actions on the ground and provide a set of challenges, commitments and reminders of the work still to be done. In this way I hope to provoke a discussion around the possibilities and potential of outdoor education.


Marcus Morse is a Senior Lecturer and Director, Outdoor Environmental Education at La Trobe University. His current research comes together around wild pedagogies, dialogue in education, community engagement and forms of paying attention within outdoor environments.

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