Outdoor Education Scope and Sequence – A case study of application in a non centre-based, K-12 school.

Mr Darren Osmond1, Ms Emma Beveridge1

1Trinity Anglican School

Trinity Anglican School is a K-12 independent school in Cairns with a well-developed outdoor education program spanning years 2-12. The detailed outdoor education scope and sequence in place informs the design, delivery and future development of its many and varied programs in a range of outdoor environments.  Along with an investigation of the scope and sequence itself, several components will be examined in detail, including a student reflection journal tool, program front-loading and pre-briefing techniques, learning transfer and program de-briefing.  Examples of cross-curricular practices will also be discussed, including key linkages with hospitality and geography in particular.

Having a non centre-based outdoor education program gives ultimate flexibility to make programs fit the scope and sequence, not vice versa.  The diversity of the Tropical North Queensland environment and culture adds more interesting dimensions to potential learning opportunities.  At Trinity Anglican School all staff attend outdoor programs with their classes, providing a great opportunity for learning transfer back into regular school life, especially in primary programs.  In secondary programs some pre-and post-program facilitation is done using a flipped classroom approach, through the use of Stile interactive online learning.


Darren Osmond and Emma Beveridge are the full time staff members of the Trinity Anglican School Outdoor Education Department. Darren has lived in Cairns for 20 years after completing postgraduate outdoor education studies in Brisbane. He has worked in a range of outdoor settings, including delivery of the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation at Cairns TAFE. Darren’s passion revolves around navigation sports and he enjoys mentoring students through the challenges of learning to navigate cross country. Darren has worked at TAS for 12 years, with roles including Director of Outdoor Education and Director of Sport and Activities, Duke of Edinburgh and World Challenge Coordinator.

Emma Beveridge joined the outdoor education team at TAS only last year, having come through tertiary studies at La Trobe, Bendigo and working in range of outdoor education environments in Victoria. Emma is a keen cyclist and has enjoyed the introduction of more mountain biking activities at TAS, as part of the outdoor education program. She is heavily involved in the outdoor education curriculum at the School and looks to facilitate cross-curricular linkages wherever possible.

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