Better understanding academic publishing: Authoring, reviewing and everything else besides.

A/Prof. John Quay1

1University Of Melbourne


Academic publishing is a central function of an academic career. In this session we shall discuss how academic publishing works: how to write for a journal, how to review for a journal. Important will be audience contributions about how academic publishing – writing and/or reading – is supported at universities and other education institutions. We shall also discuss academic publishing more broadly, building on recent experience here in Australia. A few years ago the Australian Journal of Outdoor Education transitioned to become the Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education. In 2018 the journal, supported by OEA, takes another step in its evolution, partnering with Springer Nature, a global academic publishing house. What does this mean for academics in Australia and in other places? Please attend this session to both learn about and contribute to discussion on academic publishing in outdoor education and related fields.


John has worked at the University of Melbourne since 2000. Before this he worked at St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School in Warragul, Victoria; and before this at OEG. His teaching and research stem from his belief in the importance of learning from outdoor education so as to improve schooling and understandings of education itself.

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Outdoor Education Australia (OEA) was established in 2006 as a national network of outdoor education associations. The organisation facilitates communication between state and territory outdoor education associations about the practice and delivery of outdoor education; advocates for outdoor education across primary, secondary and tertiary education; and provides policy advice.

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