What in the world is Bush Adventure Therapy? This presentation will take participants on a brief tour of the philosophies, client groups, practices and outcomes of Australian BAT services.

Dr Anita Pryor

A large and growing body of evidence tells us that going bush is good for health and wellbeing. When we add physical activity, experiential adventure and social relationships, the benefits are multiplied. And when these elements are provided within an intentional therapeutic frame, Bush Adventure Therapy is at work.

But what in the world is BAT – is it a thing?

This presentation provides an overview of BAT across the range of target groups, models and practice frameworks that exist in Australia. Anita will share recent research that uncovers who benefits, when they benefit most, how bush adventures work, how they compare with other therapies, and what is to be gained by going bush for therapy.


After completing a degree in Outdoor Education in 1993, Anita almost immediately fell in love with the therapeutic side of outdoor programming.

Anita gained further training in family therapy, mental health and public health, and over the last 25 years has been practitioner, manager, trainer and researcher. In 2009 she completed a PhD investigating the histories, practices, outcomes and evidence-base of Australian outdoor adventure interventions.

Anita has been integral in the establishment of Bush Adventure Therapy in Australia, and from 2012 to 2015 was co-chair of the International Adventure Therapy Committee (ATIC).

She currently supports BAT in Australia as co-director of Adventure Works Pty Ltd and is co-convening the upcoming Eight International Adventure Therapy Conference (8IATC) to be held in Sydney, Aug 2018.

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