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Montezuma Falls – Flow Mountain Bike; Hollybank Treetops Adventure – Segway Tours – Wai Nang Poon; Roaring 40s Kayaking – Sean Scott; All4adventure Quad Bike Tours – Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett; Abseiling, Gordon Dam – Aardvark Adventures – Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett; Three Capes Track – Cape Pillar and the Blade – Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service; Hobart Yachts East Coast Charter – Tourism Tasmania, Hobart Yachts & Jimmy Emms; Rock Climbing – Tourism Tasmania & Brad Harris; O’Neill Coldwater Classic Tasmania 2009 – Tourism Tasmania & O’Neill Coldwater Classic; Hollybank Treetops Adventure – Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett; Roaring 40s Kayaking – Sean Scott; Cradle Mountain Canyons  – Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett; Roaring 40s Kayaking – Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman; Water by Nature Tasmania – Tourism Tasmania & Cathy Finch Photography; Water By Nature Tasmania – Tourism Tasmania & Water by Nature; Cradle Coast Adventure Tours, Cradle Country Adventures  – Tourism Tasmania & Lap Fung Lam; Abseiling, Gordon Dam – Aardvark Adventures – Pete Harmsen

About the Association

Outdoor Education Australia (OEA) was established in 2006 as a national network of outdoor education associations. The organisation facilitates communication between state and territory outdoor education associations about the practice and delivery of outdoor education; advocates for outdoor education across primary, secondary and tertiary education; and provides policy advice.

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